Dollar dinner

Dollar Dinner

March 3- Special Dinner thanks to the Hubers ($3.00)

March 10- Pebble Creek Pizza

March 17- Pebble Creek Pizza (Life Groups on the Loose)

March 24- Taco Bell

March 31- No ALIVE (Happy Easter!)

Snack Shop Items 

Everything $1 
  • Soda: Mountain Dew, Sunkist, Sprite, Coca-cola, Buble sparkling water, and Dr Pepper.
  • Klondike bar
  • Corndog
  • Candy: Kit Kats, Hershey’s milk chocolate, Hershey’s cookies and cream, Skittles, M&Ms, Milky way, Snickers, Reeses, 3 Musketeers, Starburst, Crunch bar, Butterfinger, and Granola bars.
  • NerdRope
  • Airheads

Suggest Items for Snack Shop